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Current Exhibitions and Events

Everything That Rises Must Converge
March 28 to April 5, 2014, Connolly House, Marino College, North Strand Rd., Dublin 1
Part of Community an Exhibition for the
Five Lamps Festival
in Dublin, Ireland.

Residency at Firestation Artists Studios, Dublin
From Feb - April 2014, Darn is a resident at Firestation Artists Studio in Dublin, Ireland.

Images from the Frozen Warnings at Block T
in the Darkroom Launch Pop Up Exhibition, March 6, 2014 at the Block T Smithfield, Dublin.

(Photo credit: Tadhg Nathan)

Recent Events:

Event Horizon
Unknown Zone #8 is part of the exhibition Event Horizon curated by Michael Sargeant at Quad, Derby, UK.
Exhibition runs 27th September – 1st December, 2013.

Inclusion in Archisle #2 Exhibition, Société Jersiaise, Jersey, UK
Archisle #2 Exhibition Nov. 2013 at the The Berni Gallery, Jersey Arts Centre.

Ex-ca-vate-site-one part of Whitechapel Gallery First Thursday

Ex-ca-vate-site-one curators Patrick Michalopoulos & Ismail Erbil present a talk as part of Whitechapel Gallery First Thursday programme, Sept. 5, 2013 at Schwartz Gallery, Hackney

Unknown Zone #14 (on RHS wall) at Schwartz Gallery Until Sept 8

ex-ca-vate-site-one at Schwartz Gallery, London

Unknown Zone #11 will be exhibited as part of a group exhibition curated by Ismail Erbil at Schwartz Gallery, London. The exhibition is a part of the Hackney WickED Festival and will run from Aug 16 - Sept 8, 2013.
More details here